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Currently, Students Offering Support is in need of help. With the necessary financial support, it has the potential to grow not only within Canada, but internationally. Thousands of students are ready to raise funds for sustainable solutions to help children gain access to a quality education. SOS was created to be a self-sustaining organization. To get to that point by our target date of September 2010, we need your help.

Education has been defined as one of the three fundamental elements required for children to break the cycle of poverty. It is something that we have all been extremely fortunate to have had, and something that 100 million children currently are without. SOS’s mission is to help as many of these children as possible gain access to a quality education, helping them to break the cycle of poverty. Join the hundreds of volunteers and supporters who realize the severity of this global epidemic. If you also see the existing and future potential that Students Offering Support has to help, do what you can.



If you are interested in donating, there are two ways:

  • Canada Gives: You can donate online through Canada Gives here.

  • Mail Cheuque / Form: You can download, print, and mail this donation form with a cheque to the address listed on the form. The form can be downloaded here.

Thank you for your support and generosity.

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